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Late Mr. Keshav Rao had started a Beedi factory. His wife Smt.Sunandamma now is the head of the family. She has a grown up son, “Vishwaas” – a spoilt kid.

Mr. Keshav Rao has two brothers, Vasu and Venkatesh. Vasu a widower has a daughter “Padma” – a doctor by profession. Venkatesh has two children - Anila & Akanksha - who assist their father in the business.

Govind Rao an old employee of the organization is a close confidant of Smt.Sunandamma, and has a say in matters of finance and administration.

An incident triggers differences between the family members and their unwillingness in doing business together.

The process of change over of authority and power is the backdrop of the serial. Society, religion, politics, bureaucracy, media, judiciary, all these aspects come into consideration.

In their own self interest or for the interest of their family, they fight over various things. Over a period this discord starts having an effect on each person attitude, standard of living, values etc. This finally results in a change of equation amongst individual members of each of the families. It deteriorates and disintegrates families and eventually becomes the cause for the decay of a society.

Dibbana tries to portray the images of various disgruntled, unhappy and insecure individuals in this society, all living alone in their forts built by bartering “live” human relations for the “dead” static materials that does not decay but stays on forever, reminding of what was lost for this gain.

Under the able direction and screenplay of Mr.S.N.Sethuram, Dibbana has a powerful starcast that includes Veena Sundar, Rajinikanth, Harikrishna, Nitin, Preeti Chandrashekar, B.V.Rajaram, Shruti Naidu, Sujata Kurahatti, Shivaji Rao Jadhav and others


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